A #tasty use case for blockchain.

2 min readFeb 3, 2020

We are really excited and proud to deliver what we believe is major “rubber meets the road” use case for blockchain and EOSIO.

In November 2019 we delivered a new All Ireland Restaurant Voucher for the Restaurants Association of Ireland. These vouchers were on-sale over the busy Christmas period and were purchased from all corners of the world.

The voucher is a perfect gift and is redeemable in their members restaurants.

All voucher sales and redemptions are committed to Europechain, which provides the trust layer for the redeeming restaurant to know that the voucher presented is valid and that they will be paid for redeeming it.

How it works today…

Phase next includes leveraging Non-Fungible tokens and well as a Euro stable coin and Smart contract escrow on Europechain where the ownership and settlement layer will be controlled on chain.

The entire platform will have thousands of participants, none of which will need to know that they are using a blockchain.

We were blown away with the coverage this project has received so far, stay tuned for more updates!







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