Coindesk…You can quote us on this!

2 min readJan 18, 2020

On Thursday I got a private telegram message from Brady Dale to ask my opinion on the news that: “Voice would not launch on EOS”

For context, This is the second time I’ve been contacted by this journalist for information re:EOS matters. The first was back in November 2019

And I had a call with him for 24 minutes to explain in detail what was happening.

The reason for mentioning this, was that as far as I am aware none of this was covered in an Article or I wasn’t quoted at the time.

This time was different though.

An Article needed to be written and posted.

At that point I thought this is put to bed, lets move on. But soon after another message..

That must be the end of that now I thought, but 2 hours later another message…

I was surprised when a community member PM’d me the following day to say I’ve been quoted in a FUD article.





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