Colin Talks Sense

2 min readAug 20, 2020


This week Colin removed EOS Nation (a block producer on EOS & other EOSIO networks) from his proxy.

Some people lost their shit.

Disclaimer : Colins proxy currently votes for eosDublin, it isn’t really relevant as we have been under the pay-line for the best part of the year so losing support of any proxy means a zero pay-cut to remain payed zero.

Firstly, I watched his whole video. The majority of it was spent talking about how solid a block producer EOS Nation is. We agree we work with them on a number of other chains, they show up, do the work and deliver, consistently.

Colin points out a real problem which has been on EOS for over 18 months and is using his own judgement to use the power he has to try bring about awareness and change.

If that isn’t to be welcomed & celebrated, then we may as well throw in the towel.

Anyone who has looked at the active BP rankings for the past year will see there is a control grip on positions and the flow of earnings.

The real problem is and always has been, allocation of capital and focused teams.

The majority of BP earnings are either being returned to stakers (good) or cashed out for BTC and ETH (bad). It has left EOS in this crazy place after 2 years where the community is still reliant and dependent on to fund or launch something to give the network a heartbeat.

The key advantage EOS has over it’s competition is its ability to upgrade.

But for that to happen, people need to roll up their sleeves, identify gaps and work on solutions.

That needs to be led from the Top.

There is no #1 BP on EOS. Only Active and Paid Standby. And Asking them to do more to grow the value and utility of the network is every community members prerogative.

Regarding changing the voting dynamic, there is no need for fancy complex models.

A move to something other than 1T30V will certainly expose new bugs or “features”, but it might also make a difference.

Our view is the advantage 1T1V offers is, it makes every vote deliberate and unique. We believe it is easier to understand rather than filling cards with teams who will vote trade back. And that has the potential to excite and interest new people to join the project.

Change is good. So too is humility, honesty & integrity.





Block Producer in Republic of Ireland. Here since the beginning. Always looking to add value. If you have read this far, much love.