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We’ve been running a blockchain education site for almost 2 years. Each week we remain astonished by the amount of people who still find and take one of the many courses on there. There is a need for a trusted source of quality educational content.

We also understand that communities are build around interests and themes and the best learning comes from people learning and then teaching what they know. One of the themes we are most excited about is Gaming and it’s intersection with blockchain and digital assets. WAX is our network for this.

In these challenging times there has never been a greater need for quality education which can be delivered remotely around the world.

We are excited to release a community driven educational platform built around 3 tracks.

Track 1 — Community

Here we will have courses on everything from Blockchain Basics to how to buy, sell and hold WAX tokens.

This track will also be used to educate new community members on what is new each month to get involved with and excited about.

Track 2 — Game Studios

Our mission with this track is to make it quick and easy for traditional game studios and indy developers to understand the opportunity for them with digital assets and collectables as well as WAX powered micro transactions.

Track 3 — Wax Guilds

Track 3 is being built to educate around the infrastructure needed to keep the WAX blockchain running fast and secure.

This month we will be releasing the first two free courses in the Community Track

  1. Blockchain Basics
  2. WAX Basics

We are also working on a simple way that community members can publish their own courses, build a profile and get paid in WAX by those who value their work. To achieve this we will be integrating a simple “Pay with WAX” function which will be available for all sorts of other sites and marketplaces to quickly integrate.

Last but not least, students will be able to have their achievements and course completions recorded on the WAX blockchain. is a community led project for the community, we will be working with many other teams to enable to them to showcase and teach and learn through the 3 tracks, if this sounds like something you would like to work with us on, please reach out we would love to talk.

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