Move fast & Do Something

2 min readSep 24, 2020
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Dan Larimer first posted here about a new resource model for EOS/IO almost a year ago. The code was developed by and pushed to this Repo over 8 months ago.

Two weeks ago Block.One asked block producers and the community to review, test and give feedback on the proposal.

NodeOne have done a great job of compiling the list of published opinions and resources and made it available here, So we don’t see any need to do the same.

TLDR — It’s better than we have now, everyone thinks we need to take it steady and slow.

We think the opposite.

We need to move fast, Now.

EOS has floundered since launch, over working for late perfection rather than innovating rapidly and pushing boundaries.

The world has not been standing still for past 2 years.

New projects are launching daily and within weeks some are attracting more capital than EOS is playing so hard to preserve.

We are now at an important juncture, Global Macro and Crypto are on a collision course.

And the best estimate on how long a resource model upgrade will take is 12–18 months at best.

Seriously? Not good enough.


Block.One takes the lead or endorses the launch a parallel public chain (EOS 3.0) with a 1:1 drop for existing token holders but with the new resource model and 1T:1V.

We will find out all the bugs and issues within days of it launching, because it will have real value.

Pick a snapshot date in the future (maybe November 3rd) and try breath some life back into the project.

An initiative this bold and a 1:1 drop would make it easy for all the major exchanges to list the new token and it would give EOS a roadmap and precedent to continually re-launch and pivot whenever there are governance blockers or stagnation.

It would honour the token holders who took a chance on Block.One and invested in their ICO by rewarding them not just with tokens on the new chain but by taking a leadership position and moving the needle.

What alternative do we have ?

Sure many more years of Medium Posts, Tweets, zoom calls and legal opinions.

I know what I would prefer.




Block Producer in Republic of Ireland. Here since the beginning. Always looking to add value. If you have read this far, much love.