WAX October Update

4 min readOct 21, 2021

We are delighted to share our progress this month as we continue to support the WAX blockchain and ecosystem. Each month we are seeing fantastic new collections, tools, guides, and content created by energized teams from around the world! And now with WAX crossing the 7 million account mark, things are only going from strength to strength.

Our WAX.School initiative has continued to educate new and existing community members. This month, we released our three-part guide on how to create and sell NFTs. We will be releasing new content each month with the help of our new team of in-house creators.

The past few months have seen us working on some very interesting projects — From Skaiwater to Muhammad Ali and NFTrippy, each one different but showcasing the potential for artists, photographers, and musicians to create and release collections in their own way!

Cards from the Christina Jansen x Muhammad Ali Release

Our dMerch team has been working hard on bringing new collections and IP to the community. Following on from the success of the Christina Jansen x Muhammad Ali drop, we are proud to be working on some more sports-focused collections coming up soon (we sure wish we could say more!).

A knock-out performance by the community!

The WAX community managed to raise an incredible $10,000 for the Boxing Futures Charity, this will go a long way in supporting the excellent work being carried out by the team at boxing futures. We are excited to be still working closely with the organization and will be doing some more collaborations in the coming months to give more support to the charity. Stay tuned!

The mystical ‘Shrooman’ — One of the three ‘Elders’

September and October were trippy months for us as we got to unveil magical Mushie and the rest of the super cool artwork from the first NFTrippy series. Released in collaboration with FACINGS (who are awesome BTW!), NFTrippy is an educational and awareness campaign celebrating the wonder of the mushroom. We were so happy to support a grass-roots project like this which was created from the ‘spores’ up by independent artists and fungi lovers. Packs are still for sale with a portion of each purchase going to MAPS, who are doing some incredible work supporting research into the benefits of psychedelic compounds like psilocybin.

NFT Memories Coming to WAX

We have been working on some new tools to bring to the community with the latest being in the final stages of development — RED ROPE, the NFT engine for events. Ticket stubs were always a nice memento to have after an event, but more and more venues are using pdf tickets which don’t make for a great collector's item! With Red Rope, you can create memories for fans by setting a limited amount of items available to claim. Attendees can then send their used tickets and receive special commemorative NFTs to cherish. Red Rope V1 will be a free-to-use tool for the community and will come with some soon-to-be-announced special features for loyalty and incentives. We’re very excited about this one!

Blockchain-based Gift Vouchers coming to WAX

eosDublin are the proud owners of the GVO system, an off-chain tool used in some of the most popular restaurants and hotels in Ireland. We are completing a full overhaul of the system and are happy to announce that we will be bringing our tool to the WAX ecosystem — This will allow for the re-sale of Gift Vouchers on popular marketplaces as well as the ability for teams to come on and sell vouchers to their communities for a whole range of goodies! More to follow on this one and we can't wait to share the updates with you in the coming months!

We will continue to support the WAX ecosystem as best we can and are excited for what the future holds. We are very happy to be part of such a thriving and energetic community with so much happening each day.

WAX on everybody!

eosDublin Team




Block Producer in Republic of Ireland. Here since the beginning. Always looking to add value. If you have read this far, much love.